2017 Annual Report: With Oasis, growing older is all about growing! 
Thousands of curious and enthusiastic older adults across the country are turning to Oasis as a source of inspiration to improve the quality of their lives as they grow older.

Their stories of renewed learning, purpose and connection are at the heart of Oasis:
  • Elizabeth Stem and Becca Soutar met nine years ago taking lifelong learning classes at Washington Metropolitan Oasis. Collectively, they've taken over 1,700 classes in history, geography, music and more!
  • Virginia Hope turned to the Connections program for help getting up to speed with her iPhone. Now she's texting, sending photos and even using a ride-hailing app with confidence.
  • Ed Griffith teaches Soul Line Dance at San Diego Oasis, leading packed classes of dancers eager to move to the music for better health and a special cameraderie that keeps them coming back.
  • Jerry Swinehart has connected with 30 students as a tutor with Indianapolis Oasis, and says doing so keeps his outlook young!

Read their stories and many more in the 2017 Oasis Institute Annual Report.  Be sure to share with someone you know who might be looking for opportunities to grow with Oasis!


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