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A Matter of Balance

Almost half of order adults worry about falling. Learn factors that can lead to a fall and practical tips to keep yourself on your feet in this discussion-based program. 

A Matter of Balance is an evidence-based program that addresses the fear of falling, which is a risk factor for falls. Participants increase activity levels through a short exercise component, discuss risk factors and learn strategies to keep them on their feet. Improved flexibility and range of motion with stretches and light movements introduced in the third class. 

Workshops are located in St. Louis, St.Charles, and Alton. Workshop settings include, but not limited to: Senior Center, Community Centers, Hospitals, Libraries, and Independent Living Facilities.

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"Every time I lead one of these programs, I learn and grow as well. We all learn from each other." 

-Gloria Bennifield
Oasis Health Facilitator 

"I want to be active and do as much as I can. I try to do something every day."

-Arlene Peterson
Matter of Balance Participant