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Healthy Habits for Adults in St. Louis

Achieving good health begins with adopting healthy habits. Healthy Habits for Adults is a series of one-hour health classes offered by Oasis and community partners. These fun and interactive classes include a healthy snack, recipe ideas, a nutrition lesson and low impact exercise. 

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Get motivated by learning new tools to help you improve nutrition and increase exercise. 

Some class offerings include: 

  • The Skinny on Fat: Reducing fat in your diet

  • Eating the Rainbow: Love your colorful fruits and veggies

  • Shake the Salt Habit: Limiting salt in your diet

  • How Sweet It Is: Limiting sugar in your diet

  • The Whole Truth About Whole Grains

  • Eating Healthy on a Budget

  • Stay Regular: Enjoy the Power of Fiber in Your Diet

  • Dairy Foods: Calcium and Vitamin D Superstars

  • Protein: The Body's Own Superman

  • Fluids: Tips to Stay Hydrated and Make Healthy Beverage Choices

Teach a class

If you have an interest in health or have been successful in improving your own diet and exercise habits, you can lead a class. All materials are provided. Contact your Healthy Habits for Adults coordinator to get started.

Host a class

Healthy Habits for Adults classes can be held almost anywhere. Contact your Healthy Habits for Adults coordinator to learn more.

For more information, please contact Emir Kandzetovic, program coordinator at 314-862-2933 x 246 or









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Healthy Habits = Confidence!

Wayne Chambers - fit and active!


After participating in Healthy Habits for Adults classes, Wayne Chambers was motivated to become more active.

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