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Health Program Overview
Health Program Overview

Take charge of your health with Oasis

Staying active and being engaged in your health is one of the key components in healthy aging. Rather that be through physical activity, self-management workshops, or informational health seminars, Oasis provides an opportunity for you.  

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To find out more about the various health programs Oasis has to offer, please visit the links below. 

Healthy Habits for Adults
Living a Healthy Life with Chronic Conditions
Better Choices, Better Health-Diabetes
Peers for Productive Aging
A Matter of Balance
Tai Chi for Arthritis for Fall Prevention

Medicare Counseling and Health Insurance Marketplace Counseling

 For a list of one-session health seminars click the link below:

One-time Health Classes


Healthy living, lifelong learning and staying connected to others are keys to helping you live life to the fullest. Oasis partners with BJC Healthcare and BJC Accountable Care Organization to offer opportunities to enrich your life.




Medicare Counseling through OASIS

Want to understand your Medicare benefits or the Affordable Care Act? Oasis can help! Please call Kathleen at (314) 653-4345.

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