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Here's how to subscribe to the Connections YouTube channel

Here's how to subscribe to the Connections YouTube channel

Subscribe to our YouTube channel for the latest in online safety and much more

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When tech gets personal

When tech gets personal

Learning new technology takes patience and confidence

Oasis Connections instructors Emanuel Pope, Carita DeVilbiss and Jerry McAfee aim to provide their students the one thing they need most to make technology work for them: confidence.

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Question before you click

Four steps to protect yourself from hackers

The act of hacking and system cracking has been in existence since the earliest forms of electronic communications. Here are four steps you can take to protect yourself from this kind of attack.
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Celebrating the connections our volunteers make

Happy National Volunteer Month!

This National Volunteer Month we express our gratitude for the astounding work done by volunteers to help people 50+ across the country adopt new technology!
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Think Facebook is a waste of time?

Think again. While our kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews, etc., are all abuzz about this thing called social media, you might be thinking, “it’s not for me, I’m too old for that,” or “I don’t need that.” Recent research on the use of social media from the University of Arizona provides a very good reason to think otherwise, and in fact, encourages embracing social media as part of your life. Why?
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