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Five questions to help you find your next volunteer role

Five questions to help you find your next volunteer role

Opportunities to volunteer are out there; you just have to find the right fit

April is National Volunteer Month, the perfect time to find just the right role to change your life as well as the lives of those you touch.
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How do you decide to support a non-profit?

Oasis volunteer Tamara Rhomberg discusses what matters

Mail just isn’t what it used to be. Remember the days when people actually sent letters to each other? Now the mailbox is filled with junk mail and bills. Just in the past week, I’ve received dozens of letters from nonprofits. Each is worthy of support and I want to contribute and often do what I can. But how do you decide which organizations to commit to?

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Celebrating the connections our volunteers make

Happy National Volunteer Month!

This National Volunteer Month we express our gratitude for the astounding work done by volunteers to help people 50+ across the country adopt new technology!
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