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Are "healthy" foods loaded with sugar you don't need?

Are "healthy" foods loaded with sugar you don't need?

Watching out for hidden sugar is just one lesson that adults and kids are learning at Oasis

At 52, volunteer Donna Aubinoe launched a new career in nutrition. Now she teaches kids about eating healthy and how to watch out for added sugar in foods.

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Five questions to help you find your next volunteer role

Five questions to help you find your next volunteer role

Opportunities to volunteer are out there; you just have to find the right fit

April is National Volunteer Month, the perfect time to find just the right role to change your life as well as the lives of those you touch.
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Have you planted your tomatoes yet?

Mother’s Day weekend is the perfect time

I’ll be celebrating Mother’s Day in my own special way this coming weekend, when I plant tomatoes. When I read Jamsey Thomas’ blog about hobbies a few weeks ago, I wasn’t surprised to see gardening near the top of the list for people age 50-plus. I’m 50-plus, and I love gardening, especially vegetable gardening. But then, tomatoes and I go way back. I like to say that tomatoes put me through college.
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Discovering the desire to learn something new

Wellness with Cindy

... Tom had discovered the ukulele tucked away on a shelf in the corner of the musty barn and in that serendipitous moment had discovered within him a desire to make music.
Learning to play a musical instrument not only inspires your creative soul but also is an entertaining way to unwind after a hectic day. What instrument should you play?
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Why getting a good night's sleep is good for your brain

Wellness with Cindy

Will a good night’s sleep make you smarter? During waking hours the brain is absorbing new information. In order to add the freshly acquired information to the long-term memory banks in the brain, the body needs to sleep.
Tuesday, April 29, 2014/Cindy Sue Blair| Profile/Number of views (29527)/Comments (0)/
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Older internet users suffer less depression

New evidence supports technology training approach

Michigan State University's Shelia Cotten finds computer use among retirees reduces the risk of depression by more than 30%--using a model similar to Oasis Connections.
Monday, April 28, 2014/Amy VanDeVelde| Profile/Number of views (9234)/Comments (0)/
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The case for lifelong learning

... as if there needs to be one

Lifelong learning has been a regular part of my vocabulary for a long time. In reality, it starts from the time we enter the world, evolving as we grow. From learning how to feed ourselves, to how to read, to how to drive ... well, you get the picture. What are you doing to learn now?
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Are you eating your daily rainbow?

Part 1

It can be challenging to eat healthy. Food groups keep changing, fast food is quick and convenient, advertising is confusing and our daily lives are moving faster.  But if there’s one thing we need to do every day, it’s eating five or more fruits and vegetables – and in a rainbow of colors.  Are you eating the recommended five colors a day?
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