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Changing the face of aging with Oasis

Changing the face of aging with Oasis

Adults across the nation prove that getting older can be an opportunity for something new

Participants from across the Oasis network are learning new things, taking charge of their wellness and embracing opportunities to have an impact on their communities.

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Federal Grants Enable Preventive Health Programs to Reach More Older Missourians

A $1.5 million grant from Administration for Community Living will boost Oasis impact

Oasis, the Missouri Association of Area Agencies on Aging and the Curators of the University of Missouri will reach more older adults throughout Missouri with support from the Administration for Community Living (ACL).

Wednesday, March 06, 2019/Anne Heinrich| Profile/Number of views (3604)/Comments (0)/
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Being assertive about your safety can help prevent falls

Being assertive about your safety can help prevent falls

It's important to let friends and family know what you need to feel steady on your feet.

What does being assertive have to do with falls prevention?  Everything. If people know what you need, most are happy to help.

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Exercise your power to stand tall and prevent a fall

Exercise your power to stand tall and prevent a fall

A healthy addiction made this Californian lose a cane and regain confidence

After a fall, Leanna Clark's exercise routine keeps her feeling steady and confident in her movements. Take these important steps for staying on your feet.

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Travelin' Light - Safely

Travelin' Light - Safely

My top six rules for keeping the wheel side down

I've met with all kinds of hazards training for an upcoming bke tour. With T-minus-2 days til we roll out, it's time to tie up the safety plan for our trip. Here are my top six rules for staying safe, in Part Three of the "Travelin' Light" series.
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Falling ...

No need to be afraid!

"Fear of Falling" was written byTerrie Jacks, an Oasis participant and a Matter of Balance class facilitator. She's also involved with other health programs at Oasis, and wrote this poem about conquering her own fear of falling. Terrie is an inspiration to others to get out do something about their falling fears, such as taking a class like Matter of Balance. Here's how Terrie views the idea of falling.
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