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2019 Oasis Tutoring evaluation results

Each year Oasis conducts an evaluation of the intergenerational tutoring program with tutors, teachers and school district staff. The responses below were compiled from the 2,338 surveys received in the spring of 2019.

Principal responses

    Principals who felt that Oasis tutors added a positive element to their schools
  Principals who plan for their schools to participate in the program next year

Teacher responses

  Teachers who reported improved confidence and self-esteem in their students who were tutored
  Teachers who reported improved attitude toward language arts in their students who were tutored
  Teachers who reported improved academic performance by their students who were tutored
  Teachers who reported improved classroom participation by their students who were tutored
  Teachers who reported improved attendance for their students who were tutored

Tutor responses

  Tutors who feel volunteering in the program has added a purposeful element to their lives
  Tutors who plan to continue the program next year
  Tutors who perceived a better attitude toward school for their students


Number of responses by group

  • 206 Principals/School Liaisons    
  • 630 Teachers     
  • 1502 Tutors


Washington University Study

A research study by the Center for Social Development at Washington University in St. Louis showed that increasing the number of tutoring sessions improves the effectiveness of the intervention.

Oasis is working with school districts and volunteers to take full advantage of this research.

Read the Executive Summary.