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30 Years of Tutoring

Oasis Tutoring - 30 Years

Help a child today, for tomorrow

Share your love of reading as an Oasis tutor

You can change a life by providing the individual attention that helps children build confidence and experience success.


Oasis works In partnership with school districts to pair volunteer tutors with children in grades K-3 who teachers feel would benefit from a caring, one-on-one mentoring relationship. One child, one tutor, one school year. Two lives forever changed.


Access Tutor Power

To access Tutor Power, you must sign in to MyOasis and be a tutor in a participating district.

Please click Sign In at the top.

If you create a new account, please allow 24 hours to see Tutor Power. If you have signed in but still cannot see it, contact your tutoring coordinator.


Tutor Power

Oasis Tutoring is nationally recognized for excellence

Generations United has given the program its 2017 seal of approval based on Oasis' success using best practices to promote literacy and benefit children, older adults, schools and communities.

Generations United

Bring the power of Intergenerational Tutoring to your school!

Bring Intergenerational Tutoring to your school

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How do I become a tutor?

Choose a participating city and complete the form to sign up. Once you have completed training, you will meet with the same child at least once a week for the school year. Your student and his or her teacher will of course understand time away for vacation, illness or other unforeseen events.

States who offer Oasis Tutoring

Do I need teaching experience?

No. Your enthusiasm, patience and compassion are far more important. As a tutor your roles include mentor, friend and role model.

What age are the children?

The program is designed for children in kindergarten through third grade, a critical period for developing reading and language skills.

Where and when will I tutor?

You may choose one of our participating schools where you prefer to tutor. Your school district's Oasis facilitator will help you find a time during the school day for your weekly tutoring sessions.

What training will I receive?

Tutors complete 10-12 hours of training based on a proven six-part plan of activities that include talking, reading and writing. You’ll learn ways to draw out the child’s experiences and create simple stories that form the basis for reading activities. You may also attend monthly tutor meetings for continued training and opportunities to share your successes and challenges with other tutors.