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Skype is an amazing tool for Internet calling and especially video calling. Microsoft bought Skype and is integrating it into nearly all of its products. A wonderful new feature is on the horizon - soon Skype will be able to translate in real-time between callers that do not speak the same language. 

Microsoft has made many features that used to be available only to premium customers free. Desktop users (only) can share screens, files, and use the chat feature for instant messages during calls. Calls to more than one person are also free, but very dependent on Internet bandwidth. Changes are frequent, check the blog for posts on the latest updates.

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We've had reports that the Skype app won't show up when searching the App Store by name. If you run into this, go to on the student's device and follow the links to the download page.

Skype is owned by Microsoft, and users will need to create a Microsoft account. This has been very problematic in the past because of Microsoft's limitation on the number of accounts that can be created in a 24-hour period from any single location (IP address.) If possible, have students create an account before class, and remind them to bring their log-in information. If Skype is being taught from lab computers, check for the latest version updates prior to class. Skype has been changing rapidly.

Also, for those teaching from Windows 8 computers, I would suggest teaching the desktop version and leaving the Metro version alone. The Metro (tiled) version lacks several of the desktop capabilities, and will be changing regularly until the next version of Windows (Windows 10) is released in 2015.

Skype takes a lot of bandwidth. Users will need to log on to your lab's Wi-Fi if bringing personal devices. Check ahead of time to make sure that adequate web speed can be attained for the expected number of students, or plan to use 2 devices as demonstration and practice devices.


Note: Download and install Skype, run and install updates, and test online with cameras and microphones before class.

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Skype is the world's most popular video calling app. This course will cover the types of devices you can use, how to set up an account and add contacts, and how to use Skype to talk with anyone in the world who also has Skype, for free.


Current version: v2.0
Published: November 2014
Translations: English 
Recommended course length: 2 sessions
Number of pages: 18 pages