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Meet the Computer

This shorter introductory course is perfect for introducing the new user to basic computer systems and Windows. This manual is taken from the first 3 chapters from Introduction to Computers

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When you want the basics in a shorter format, download this shorter course that contains an introduction to hardware and and the Windows 7 and Windows 10 desktop environment (taken from Introduction to Computers course: "Meet your computer" and "Working with Windows 7 and 10".)

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Ready to take that first step and learn about computers? This course will introduce the new user to computers, beginning with the components that make up a computer system and how to use a mouse and keyboard. This course also covers basic Windows 10 skills including starting apps, the Start menu, and working with the desktop and windows.


Current version: June, 2020
Translations: English, Spanish (March, 2019)
Recommended course length: 2 sessions
Number of pages: 76