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Introduction to Computers with Windows 10

New version includes Windows 10

NOTE: This new version includes only Windows 10 and replaces word processing with Internet safety (phishing/ID theft). When you need a comprehensive course that starts with the basics - start here. This course is a ground-level introduction for the student who needs to learn what a tower and mouse is, how to properly turn a computer on and off, how to use windows in Windows, an introduction to the Internet and email, and includes Internet safety. For a shorter version of this course see Meet the Computer.


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NOTE: New version July, 2019 updated to reflect changes to Windows 10 with update 1903. For more information read

Introduction to Computers with Windows 10 eliminates references and screenshots for Windows 7. An addendum for Windows 7 is available. Microsoft ended main support for Windows 7 in 2015 and will end extended support soon. Students should learn Windows 10 to future-proof their instruction. This version also replaces Microsoft Word with a section on staying safe online with a focus on recognizing and avoiding phishing and identity theft attempts.

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Introduction to Computers

Ready to take that first step and learn about computers? This course will introduce the new user to computers, beginning with the components that make up a computer system and how to use a mouse and keyboard. This course also covers basic Windows 10 skills including starting apps, the Start menu, and working with the desktop and windows.


Introduction to Computers with Windows 10

Current version: June, 2020
Translations: English, Spanish (ver 1903)
Recommended course length: 6 sessions
Number of pages: 141


Archived Introduction to Computers with Windows 7/10

Current version: v2.61
Published: August, 2016
Translations: English, (Korean V2.3, April, 2014 and Spanish V2.61 August, 2016)
Recommended course length: 6 sessions
Number of pages: 124 pages

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