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Mobile Accessibility Guide

This free guide will teach you how to make your device easier to use

Our mobile accessibility guide shows you the tricks to make your phone easier to see, hear and use. 

  • Make text bigger and reduce background clutter
  • Increase contrast and use color inversion to enhance readability
  • Make the sound more clear
  • Turn on captions
  • Set up features that can help with dexterity and motor coordination issues
  • Use voice commands (iOS only)
  • Available for Google (Android)  and Apple (iOS) devices
  • Designed for use by individuals or in classes

Download your free guide:

iPads and iPhones iOS 10       |  Spanish Version

Android V7 (Nougat)                |  Spanish Version

iOS 9 and Android Lollipop     |  Spanish Version




This handbook is available free thanks to support from the CTA Foundation and AT&T.


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