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The Doctor is In

How Do I Get My Protein in a Plant-based Diet?

Ann C. Collins, M.D.
Dr. Collins will review the health benefits and coach attendees about how to get adequate protein, iron and other trace nutrients in a plant-strong diet. It’s easy! Attendees will leave confident to become plant-strong at home!

Health Maintenance – Time for Your Routine Check

Suresh Seshan, M.D.
As we get older we may find our immune system begins to deteriorate. Join Dr. Seshan and discuss the importance and timing of immunizations and screening tests. Learn the latest medical updates and achieve your own health maintenance goals. It’s time for your check-up.

Take charge of your health with Oasis

Staying active and being engaged in your health is one of the key components in healthy aging. Whether it be through physical activity, self-management workshops, or informational health seminars, Oasis provides opportunities for you. 

Check out these offerings from the Fall 2019 trimester

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Keep Your Immune System on Track – The Tasty Way
Lunch and Learn: Vaccines
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Take charge of your health!


Traditions Management
Community Hearing Health Centers
Aging Mastery Program

Healthy living, lifelong learning and staying connected to others are keys to helping you live life to the fullest. Oasis partners with Traditions Management, Community Hearing Health, Westminster Village North and the National Council on Aging to offer opportunities to enrich your life.

Please give us a call at 317-396-3751 to assist you with information on health courses and more.