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Wellness on the Web Updated

Update includes new websites and mobile apps

Author: Ken Charvoz/Friday, February 06, 2015/Categories: Course updates

Wellness on the Web has been updated and is available for partner download. This new edition introduces students to:
  • Website information - is it reliable?
  • Government health-related health portal.
  • Finding disease-specific information at university research and nonprofit websites.
  • Blogs - what they are and how to use them to find current information.
  • Complementary health sites.
  • Healthy eating sites.
  • YouTube - find anything!
  • Fitness apps you can use on your smart phone or tablet.
  • The importance of remaining socially connected through volunteerism.
Website reliability: the HON seal3
Government resources on the Internet4 – your portal to government resources4
 Do it yourself: Local health information7
Nonprofit Organizations8
American Heart Association8
American Cancer Society9
The University of Arizona Cancer Center10
Blogs and websites11
New York Times13
fANNEtastic food14
Alternative medicine and healing sites15
The Tinny Buddha16
Online exercise resources17
Elder Gym18
Mobile health apps20
My Fitness Pal20
Calorie King21
Simply Yoga22
Get involved23
Your opinion is important to us!24

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