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Making regular gifts to Oasis is as easy as signing up for classes

There are many ways to build charitable giving to Oasis into your routine

Author: Anne Heinrich/Tuesday, May 29, 2018/Categories: Philanthropy, Donor stories, National

Barbara Bluiett, Oasis volunteer and donorBeing a part of Oasis means embracing a culture of lifelong learning, building connections with peers and finding purpose through volunteering.

Barbara Bluiett understands that. When she’s not wearing her technology instructor hat, lending a hand as a volunteer on a wide variety of special projects or taking classes, she finds herself serving as an ambassador for Indianapolis Oasis.

“I have become friends with so many people along the way that I might have never met, and it has added pleasure to my life,” she says. “Having a purpose each week only extends the enjoyment of my days. I want others to experience that feeling, so I am always talking about Oasis wherever I go. I just keep catalogs with me and give them out when I have the opportunity.”

Barbara has also found a convenient way to contribute financially to Oasis by making a registration gift every trimester when she registers for classes. She’s taken a little bit of everything, from current events to Spanish, and most recently, Tai Chi for Falls Prevention. For Barbara, this kind of regular giving makes sense. “It’s important to give what you can of your time, talent and also financially,” she adds. “It’s how an organization stays vital.”

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