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Kids say the darndest things

And their Oasis tutors love it!

Author: Pat Gilbert/Thursday, July 31, 2014/Categories: Volunteering

Kids Pizza PartyA student told his Oasis tutor, "Wednesday is my favorite day. I get pizza for lunch and you!”
Wouldn’t you love to know that you ranked #1 on someone’s list—right alongside pizza? That's just one of the many wonderful comments I hear from Oasis volunteer tutors.
This year marks the 25th anniversary of the Oasis Intergenerational Tutoring Program. At two recent rallies kicking off the celebration, Oasis tutors, passionate about what they do, swapped stories of what they like most about this rewarding volunteer role. They all agree, it’s the one-on-one relationship they develop as they meet each week with young students referred by their teachers because they need a boost in reading, confidence, motivation or self-esteem. 
Oasis TutoringWhile they are serious about the important work they do, volunteers also laugh and unanimously agree that kids really do tell it like it is. As Art Linkletter told us for years, “Kids say the darndest things.” And their Oasis tutors love it!
A few months into the school year, an Oasis tutor told us that her student suddenly said, “You like me, don’t you?’’ The tutor replied, “I sure do, but how do you know?” The answer was, “You keep coming back just for me. Nobody else comes back.”
Another volunteer had a little different success story. "Near the end of the school year I wrote in my student’s journal, ‘Destiny is smart and talented.’ She was clearly pleased and said, ‘Now I want to write about you.’ I was pleased too, mainly because Destiny is a reluctant writer and was actually volunteering to write. And of course I was eager to see what she had to say about me. I watched in anticipation as she painstakingly wrote the words 'Miss – Cindy – is – skinny.’ "
The fun of being a tutor, as well as the joy of seeing a student build their learning skills, is what keeps Oasis tutors coming back.You too can experience this! In August and September, more than 100 school districts representing nearly 900 schools across the country will be offering free training to become an Oasis volunteer tutor.
Here's what it's like to be a tutor and how you, a family member or friend our can join the fun as one of more than 6000 Oasis volunteers who are helping children learn to read and to love reading.

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