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Immerse Yourself in the History of St. Louis

Immerse Yourself in the History of St. Louis

Connect with our beloved city's culture, character and past...

Author: Allyson Stonum/Wednesday, January 11, 2017/Categories: St. Louis

From architecture to literature to immigration to crime – we’re offering many interesting programs this spring that focus on the culture and past events of our beloved city!

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History of St. Louis Architecture
Chris Naffziger, M.A.

St. Louis possesses a rich history of architecture, dating back to the earliest years of its history. Explore the major architectural landmarks of our city, and why they matter.


Murderers on Trial: Famous St. Louis Crimes
Bev Schuetz, History Talks

St. Louis has been the scene of numerous spell-binding murder trials. Learn the full story behind the most shocking and fascinating crimes in St. Louis. Explore these sensational events in an effort to discover common threads in the most infamous cases.


Colonial Era St. Louis
NiNi Harris, author and researcher

St. Louis was a frontier French Village ruled by a distant Spanish colonial government and dependent on trade with Native Americans and mountain men. Join author and historian NiNi Harris and look at life in Colonial St. Louis, how villagers did business and how French and Creole pioneers socialized.


Creating the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair
Carol Diaz-Granados, Ph.D., Washington University Anthropology

One of the most important chapters in the history of our city was the advent of the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair. Carol Diaz-Granados will discuss the vision, financing, construction – and success – of the fabulous 1904 World’s Fair.


The Inspiring History of the Irish in St. Louis
Bev Schuetz, History Talks

Follow the moving account of St. Louis’ Irish immigrants in their struggle to survive bigotry and discrimination. See how the Irish survived, flourished and became a vital part of St. Louis history.


The Stirring Story of the Germans in St. Louis
Bev Schuetz, History Talks

Trace the amazing history of German immigrants as they made their mark on St. Louis. Examine the story of the powerful breweries, the cruel “hate-the-Hun” movement during WWI and the cultural contributions of these hard working, intelligent people.


St. Louis History: 1940, 1950 & 1960
Dr. Geoffrey Morrison

Explore St. Louis history from 1940-1960 with a history instructor who has spent his career studying St. Louis. Discuss World War II, popular culture, baseball and the civil rights movement. Share your memories and deepen your understanding of local history.


The St. Louis Crime Story
Adam Kloppe, Public Historian, MO History Museum

St. Louisans are fascinated by the mafia and our city has a gangland history all its own. Hear exciting stories full of colorful characters on both sides of the law on this tour of the underworld of the past. Meet notorious mobsters, learn about the street battles, and hear how law enforcement attempted to clean up this gritty gangster underbelly.


Gaslight Square
William "Zelli" Fischetti, Associate Director, State Historical Society of Missouri Research Center

Gaslight Square was the place to go in the 1950s and 60s St. Louis – beatniks and jazz at first, later discos and go-go dancers. Whether you remember this time or not, you’ll feel like you were there after viewing slides and hearing oral histories collected by Dr. Fischetti.


Meet the Author: Secret St. Louis
David Baugher, Writer and Researcher

What does West County Center’s famous dove really represent? Did you ever picnic at a radioactive waste dump? Test and expand your knowledge of the strange and surprising when you meet the author of Secret St. Louis: A Guide to the Weird, Wonderful and Obscure.


For other St. Louis-related programs, check out our local tour opportunities and offsite classes at the Old Courthouse


(Main photo courtesy of Explore St. Louis.)



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