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Facebook has updated News Feed controls to put you (more) in charge

New settings allow you to choose the pages and people you want to see first

Author: Ken Charvoz/Friday, July 10, 2015/Categories: Technology

Facebook has decided to take a step out of the way and let you choose—to an extent—the friends and pages that you want to see at the top of your feed when you first log on. According to Facebook “you’re the only one who truly knows what is most meaningful to you”, so they have expanded settings in News Feed Preferences to let you prioritize. (The new News Feed Preferences are available now on iOS and for most desktop users. Android will be available soon). Here’s how to set it up.

To access News Feed Preferences on your cell phone Facebook app:

1.       Tap the More  more icon icon.

2.       Scroll down to the Settings group and tap News Feed Preferences Newsfeed .

News Feed Preferences


3.        Tap Prioritize who to see first .



4.       Scroll down through your friends and the pages you follow. Tap to add them to your priority list. The ones you select will display the See First icon .

Prioritize who to see first

5.       Tap Done when finished.

You can also choose your News Feed priorities from the desktop.

1.       On the Navigation bar, tap or click the Settings dropdown icon , then tap or click News Feed Preferences.

Facebook Newsfeed


2.       Select from Summary, People, Pages, or Groups in the left-hand column. Then scroll through the list and select See First for those you want to add to your priority group.



Of course, Facebook still gets to decide how many of these posts you’ll get to see and how they will integrate with the ads. But at least it is a step in the right direction. 










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