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The Google phishing scam that is fooling the experts

The Google phishing scam that is fooling the experts

There is a new scam that is fooling even tech-savvy users into a malicious and dangerous trap.

A new scam is fooling even experienced users into divulging their Google login info. The scam uses sophisticated techniques to trick the brain—by using an advanced URL trick. See how it works and spread the word. This trap is worse than most!

Friday, January 20, 2017/Ken Charvoz| Profile/Number of views (12046)/Comments (0)/

Easy to remember, hard to crack

Here's another way to create a secure password that might not drive you insane

Incomprehensible passwords with numbers, capital letters, and characters like the asterisk are secure but maddening to remember. They are also time consuming to type on mobile devices. But security specialists are promoting another type of password option that might be a little bit more to your liking – long and readable. They just can’t make sense.
Tuesday, April 29, 2014/Ken Charvoz| Profile/Number of views (15638)/Comments (0)/