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Thinking about our mothers before they were mothers

Thinking about our mothers before they were mothers

A Mother's Day tribute to a mother with inner and outer beauty

Guest blogger Barbara Bell shares poignant memories of her mother, whose inner beauty and spirit were so captivating, that many forgot just how stunning she was.

Tuesday, May 09, 2017/Barbara Bell| Profile/Number of views (12455)/Comments (0)/

Mother's Day in a connected way

Making interactions that count ... and matter

Calling your Mom on Mother's Day?  Now there may be a better way.  Facetime, Skype and texting are all great means of connecting with Moms.  But what does new research by experts Sherry Turkle and Catherine Steiner-Adair say about how Moms are connecting with their kids?
Thursday, May 08, 2014/Amy VanDeVelde| Profile/Number of views (9230)/Comments (0)/
Categories: Technology

Have you planted your tomatoes yet?

Mother’s Day weekend is the perfect time

I’ll be celebrating Mother’s Day in my own special way this coming weekend, when I plant tomatoes. When I read Jamsey Thomas’ blog about hobbies a few weeks ago, I wasn’t surprised to see gardening near the top of the list for people age 50-plus. I’m 50-plus, and I love gardening, especially vegetable gardening. But then, tomatoes and I go way back. I like to say that tomatoes put me through college.
Wednesday, May 07, 2014/Pat Gilbert| Profile/Number of views (15940)/Comments (0)/