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As 2018 winds to a close, we can't help but take a moment to look back at what a great year we have enjoyed with all of you, our Oasis family! Whether you are a member, an instructor, a sponsor, a volunteer, or a tutor...we value each and every one of you.

Thank you for making it a year to remember!
Please take a minute to enjoy some of the fun videos from events that took place in 2018:

Mickey turns 90!

Mickey Turns 90


Lifelong learning and Healthy Aging

Oasis in 30 Seconds


Technology Fair Preview

Technology Fair Preview


Technology Fair 2018

Technology Fair 2018


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Bring a Friend, Be A Hero!

Contest Timeline: January 15 - March 15

Bring A Friend, Be A Hero!


A Discussion | A Partner | A Motivator | A Carpooler

What do these things have in common?  

They each take two people.  We call it the “Friend Factor.”

If you have a friend who is missing out on all that Oasis offers, be a Hero and invite them to join you for a class. We’ll make it worth your while:

  • The member who brings in the most NEW members who actually take a class will be in the Top 10 Hero List that will be posted in the lobby and in the catalog.
  • Hero Members will earn class credits
  • Hero Members will earn gift cards ($100 1st prize, $50 2nd prize, $25 3rd prize)
  • Special Reception for Friends and their Hero

NOTE: When registering for their first class, your friend will need to indicate who referred them so that you get the appropriate credit:

  • IN PERSON:  Provide them with a “My Friend is a Hero” card that they can present when registering.  
  • PHONE:  They can simply provide your name if registering over the phone.
  • ON-LINE:  When registering on line, click the “How Did You Hear About Oasis?” and they will be able to enter your name.

Download the Friend Flier>>

Download Referral Cards>>


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Jolyn & William Parker

They work tirelessly to help where they can.

Jolyn and William strongly believe in successful aging and the role San Diego Oasis plays in bringing programs and activities to older adults to encourage active, healthy lifestyles that support aging well. In honor of Jolyn’s father, Joe Burrucker, they have decided to include San Diego Oasis in their estate plan.

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San Diego Oasis Welcomes Dr. Ken Druck

Author of Courageous Aging

Reimagining Your Best Possible Future: 
A Courageous Aging Intensive 

with Dr. Ken Druck
Saturday, March 17 |  9:30 AM to 3:30 PM

Register for Class #466 
This day-long intensive will provide participants with the opportunity to take honest inventory of their personal issues of aging, identify “hot spots” that need greater attention, clear the path to, and reimagine, their best possible future, do what’s necessary to put their “house” in order, deepen their faith and relationships, make peace, bless and pay the good in their lives forward.  
The Courageous Aging Classroom: 
A Four-Week Course 
in Finding Peace, Joy and Purpose

Fridays from March 30 to April 20, 1:00 to 3:00 PM
Register for Class #506 
Based on the Five Pillars of Courageous Living and the Courageous Aging book, this class will afford students an opportunity to free themselves of self-limiting myths, biases, judgments, misconceptions and fears, grieve the loss of their younger selves and embrace the older version of themselves with compassion, patience, affection, encouragement, humility, love and understanding.

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Oasis Introduces Distinguished Speaker Series

Includes Wine & Cheese "Meet the Speaker" Reception

San Diego Oasis Distinguished Speaker Series 2017San Diego Oasis is pleased to announce its inaugural Distinguished Speaker Series for 2017.  We have an amazing line-up, starting off with Stephen P. Cushman, a 4th generation San Diegan and brilliant businessman who is deeply involved in the San Diego community, with a passion to keep improving it.  We wrap up the 2017 series with Tom Karlo, the General Manager at KPBS, a man dedicated to being the most trusted source of serious journalism in San Diego.  Each session will end with a Wine & Cheese Reception where you will have an opportunity to meet the speaker.  Space is limited, so we encourage you to sign up early.  

Download the Distinguished Speaker Series flier and share with your friends!

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San Diego Oasis Grand Opening

"Successful Aging Nonprofit"

San Diego Oasis Grand Opening"With a growing population of older adults here in San Diego, we have unlimited potential to change the world.  Our only limitation is our imagination.  We choose to appreciate that getting older is a gift, but growing old is optional." -Simona Valanciute | President & CEO (excerpt from The San Diego Union-Tribune Retail Trends, August 6, 2017)

Read the article>>

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San Diego Oasis Opens at Grossmont Center

San Diego Oasis Opens at Grossmont Center

More than 600 attend ribbon cutting June 7

"Our only limitation is our imagination," said Simona Valanciute, President and CEO, as she and the board and staff opened the doors to the new Oasis center in La Mesa California.

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San Diego Oasis Travel

San Diego Oasis Travel

Have you seen the exciting destinations we have planned for Fall 2019?

Did you know there are three ways to travel with us?  Join us for an Off-Site Adventure, a Day Trip, or embark on an Extended Trip. 


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Spring Chic 17

Spring Chic 17

Fashion show to raise money for our intergenerational tutoring program

This afternoon of fashion and tea on May 6 will be a fundraiser for our Intergenerational Tutoring program. Our dedicated volunteer tutors served over 500 children this year.

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Oasis tutors help students improve academic performance

Oasis tutors help students improve academic performance

Seniors enjoy giving back to help children make significant progress in school

Two San Diego Oasis Tutors share how the program helps students improve reading and success in school while opening the doors for seniors to put their life skills to work for a younger generation. 

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