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How to register online for Oasis classes

If you do not already have a MyOasis account, please Create an Account
Signing in to MyOasis is not required to search classes, but it is necessary to register online.
To see classes in your city:
  • On a computer: Point to Cities in the green menu bar and choose your city from the list of Oasis Education Centers that appears. Then on your local Oasis Center page, click Classes on the left.
  • On a tablet or smartphone: Tap the mobile menu icon (3 bars in the upper right.)  Tap your city, then tap Classes.
    Mobile Menu
Searching for classes

You can search using any of the Filters on the left, or by entering words in the Search box at the top.

If you know the class number, it may be easiest to use the Class Number Filter on the left.

Q: I can't find the class I am looking for.

A: Try removing some of the filters by clicking the fishhook next to the filter
For example, if you search by class number and class title and don't find your class, search again using just the class number. 

Classes that are full appear at the bottom of the list. If you are interested in a class that's full, click Add to Waitlist so we can contact you if space becomes available. 

Signing up
  1. To sign up for a class, click Add to cart
  2. When you are ready to pay for classes in your cart, click View Cart and then Proceed to Checkout and follow the instructions.
  3. Your payment will be processed securely. You will be registered after your payment is completed.


The Wishlist is a way to mark classes you are interested in for later.

Click here to download a more detailed guide on how to register.